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released December 13, 2013



all rights reserved


.it. Maryland

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Track Name: ROT
No respect for the man speaking just to fill the air.
why's my name coming out of your mouth?
You must have a death wish
cause you don't even know who I am.
Well you're about to find out.
Track Name: SUMMON
Can you tell I did a dance with the divine?
Can you tell by the look on my face?
I chose a fate much worse than hell.
I've been warned but I didn't listen.
It's a suicide mission.

I'm quite content with my obsession with revenge.
If you don't like then move on,
And that's just how it is, bitch.
So I reached out to the power of a new height.
I did a dance with the divine,
And in return I got the mind of a stray dog bite.

Don't get me confused, I got my head fixed on my neck,
Just a few screws loose,
And maybe just a few dark views.
I carry spite for days and I use it as I please.
I've got a hatred so vile that I'm just dying to release.
You want the truth? I'll make it quick
And to the point so these fuckers know who they're dealing with.
'Be strong' 'be brave' give it a break you know it's all just a load of shit.
N I can't wait to show the world exactly what I mean.
I'd cut a hole in the earth just to watch it bleed.
So here's something to think about,
Are you really all that confident enough to sign your name in blood?

Let me just say now,
That I'll spit in the face of anyone who thinks I need help.
They're probably right, but it's too late now.
I made the choice to turn the faith down.
I've seen the light and I blew it out.
Track Name: CHOKE
Let me tell you what,
Let me think so i can breathe,
cause you've been getting too close.
What a precious set of hands
to be wrapped around the neck of the wrong man.
N i feel choked, and suffocated,
I can't wait to slit your throat.
I've got the best of time.
I think of twisted things when I'm alone in the night,
and you're walking on thin ice.
so don't think I will wait to ruin your life.
N I wouldn't mind if you wanna fuck with a fucked up mind like mine. just know what you're getting into,
and don't you act surprised.
I'd pay to watch a painful death,
Or kill to watch you suffer at least.
But you you've been praying to the wrong God.
My disbelief provoked the beast.
I hope you choke on your own spit.
I'll make you swallow your own teeth.
I'd have you look at Satan square in the eye,
but the devil is inside of me.
Now let me think so i can breathe straight.