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released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


.it. Maryland

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They tried to take me alive,
but then i got away, yeah i got away and out of sight.
well better luck next time.
I'll be so far ahead long before you even get a second try.
Better luck next time.
A little word of advice,
your best bet is just to leave me alone.
I picked a life on the other side,
so if i back out, they'll have a price on my skin and bones.
They tried to tear me apart.
They tried to hit close to home,
but i've got skin as thick as bricks,
and its holding them back,
but all the failed attempts have made me sick.
A little word of advice,
your best bet is just to leave me alone.
i picked a life on the other side,
so if i back out,
they'll put a price on my skin and bones.
Well better luck next time.
The game you talk is high,
but you don't have the spine to back it up.
I stood from a distance and watched you let go,
but it was a death that i witnessed.
If talk is cheap then why not speak the truth.
If it were up to me, we'd burn in fucking hell.
and thats including me and you.
Crafting a sight to burn the eyes of the masses,
i'd cut out your tongue if you speak of anything along the lines
of a battle never fought.
and i'd end your life without a second thought.
I tried to clear my head,
and i tried to think like you,
but whats the point if i don't understand?
Darkness is all I can see,
and i'm disgusted by the human race.
They tried to dissect my intelligent mind,
and they deemed it as useless,
but its the only thing that i have left.
Track Name: ROT pt.II
pulling through takes a certain strength,
but it's nothing i'd expect from you.
no, it's nothing i'd expect at all.
Stop and think before you let those words leave your lips.
Either way they'll be unheard,
They'll be unheard either way.
I won't pretend that I'm listening.
Im not fucking listening.
Im twisting threads to hang the whites of your eyes.
Burning from all thats bright is so much better than bloodshot.
Listen up kid, you might learn a thing or two.
You will only ever know the strength of your own,
and never find out or learn the strength of a demon until you face it.
if you don't wanna be like me then don't.
Id rather it be that way.
Track Name: FIRST MOVE
Death is a game that we're all forced to play,
but nobody ever wins, thats the funny thing about it.
its a fucked up thing.
I'm an addict, somewhat of a masochist.
I love the pain i inflict and its a bad habit.
if you wanna be my fix id say go ahead, have at it.
Go ahead, ill let you get as close to me as you can,
but not enough to get the upper hand.
I'll have you drowning, with my hand upon your neck to put you down.
with no intent to pick you up until your lungs fill up with water.
Death is a game.
Track Name: BIGOT
Prick, I hope you know that you're a fucking plague.
and its a shame you get to share the same earth as me.
I hope the ground is soft enough for your sheltered feet.
Hating everything and everyone but you all look and act the fucking same.
Snap back to reality.
Nobody really cares what your narrow mind is thinking.